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Have you noticed that most cleaning products don’t list ingredients? It’s because companies aren’t required to! The U.S. government requires only “chemicals of known concern” to be listed on labels, allowing manufacturers to take advantage of a big loophole: there is no testing required for most chemicals used in cleaning products to determine if they are dangerous!
This means your multipurpose cleaner, laundry or dish detergent, and many other household cleaning products can contain toxic chemicals that are sprayed and inhaled, wiped on our surfaces and onto our hands and bodies, and flushed down our drains, potentially harming our health and contaminating water and the environment.
Corporate marketing has been hard at work convincing shoppers that they have created safer product options, using nature-inspired imagery and “green”-sounding product names, as well as claims like "natural," "zero waste," or "biodegradable." However, often these tactics are meant to distract us from potential human and environmental health harms.
The good news is there are cleaner options (no pun intended!). Elizabeth can help you cut through the clutter of marketing claims, ingredient loopholes, and factor in environmental impact to choose products that you can feel good about using.
Commonly addressed items: multipurpose cleaners, laundry and dish detergents, air fresheners and candles, dust and debris collection methods.

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