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Heavy metal is for music, not for makeup!


Did you know the FDA has no firm rule on how many parts per million of heavy metals are allowed in cosmetics products? Heavy metals include lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other toxins that are truly “natural” as they come from the earth, so they often hide in plain sight – including in “all natural” cosmetics. Trying to read an ingredient label is hard enough, but what is tricky is that heavy metals aren’t often listed since they are primarily found as contaminants. Endocrine-disrupting ingredients found in cosmetics, such as phthalates, can leave you with PMS, energy swings, and all kinds of symptoms you would never guess are tied to hormone imbalances. Cosmetics are also commonly formulated with formaldehyde-releasers, parabens, and PEG’s, all known carcinogens!


Cosmetics are also high in waste – all the tiny parts that make up your lipstick tube, mascara wand, eyeliner, and palettes make them impossible to recycle, resulting in a high environmental impact. Further, many of these plastics can leach toxins into otherwise clean ingredient formulations.  


Elizabeth can help you navigate this complex category to find products that meet your performance, safety, sustainability and budget criteria.


Commonly addressed items: all cosmetics, nail care.

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products that I recommend. I only feature products and brands that I have thoroughly researched and/or use myself so you can shop with confidence.

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Disclaimer: Nail Polish is among the key products that I recommend eliminating from your lifestyle as no safe formulation exists. That said, I recognize that many of my clients wear it for special occasions.  Therefore, I am recommending Ella & Mila on this page as one slightly less toxic option. 

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