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Our home can be one of the most toxic environments that we are exposed to. Our furniture, flooring, textiles, home decor, and electronics all play a part in this by shedding, or "off-gassing," chemical pollutants that contaminate the air and dust with PFAS ("forever chemicals"), flame retardants, synthetic fragrances, and more. Once we are done with them, our home goods also leave a large carbon footprint on the environment because they are never easy to dispose of.  
Whether you are looking for stand-alone sustainable product solutions or would like more holistic help with total-home reviews or gift registry building, Elizabeth will help you select products that are safer for you, and your pets, family and friends.
Commonly addressed items: furniture, home decor, candles, textiles and linens, baby and pet, air purifiers.

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Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn a commission or other revenue, at no additional cost to you, when you click on these links and/or purchase
products that I recommend. I only feature products and brands that I have thoroughly researched and/or use myself so you can shop with confidence.

The full Disclosure can be found in the Terms of Use

Disclaimer: Candles are among the key products that I recommend eliminating from your homes as they have multiple points of toxicity, even when unlit, and no safe formulation exists. That said, I recognize that not all of my clients are ready to give them up.  Therefore, I am recommending Tide & Isle Co. on this page as a slightly less toxic option. Their candles are formulated by a chemist who carefully selects the ingredients and materials used. 

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