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What we put on our skin matters. It’s our largest organ and absorbs much of what we use to rub, slather, and soothe. This means that many ingredients have a direct path into our bodies and thereby, our health.


Due to our daily routines to care for and beautify ourselves, personal care and cosmetic products are used in high frequency, so convenience and price often play a bigger role in purchasing decisions than product safety.  

Most of us don’t recognize that 90% of the chemicals used today have not been tested for safety - federal government regulations don’t require it! Yet mounting evidence has linked many of these chemicals to cancer, hormone disruption, and allergies, as well as aquatic pollution and wildlife toxicity. Further, most claims such as “dermatologist recommended,” “free-from,” “cruelty-free,” or “sustainably sourced” do not have a regulated definition nor do they require approval before being added to a package. Government resources are too limited to address this as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is grossly underfunded; we need Congress to give the FDA more funding and authority to improve regulation. Lack of resources and authority also means product recalls and other consumer protection efforts are largely voluntary.

Personal care and cosmetics don’t have to be scary though. Elizabeth has spent 10+ years working with consumers and helping them find the safest, low-toxin and sustainable options tailored to their personal needs, and she is ready to do the same for you.

Commonly addressed items: skin and body care, sunscreen, baby and kids' products, hair care, menstrual products.

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