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Do you need Insider info for Yourself or Your Business? Click and find out your process.

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Personalized Blueprints
Ask the insider
Detailed Product Analuses
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Get the personalized information you need to help you reduce your toxin burden and achieve your health goals - no matter where you are on your journey or your budget.

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Non-Toxic Living Blueprints

Need help getting started on your toxin-reduction journey? Work with me to simplify your transformations by identifying your biggest sources of toxin exposure and creating an easy-to-follow plan on where to focus your efforts.


  • 45-minute call to conduct a detailed questionnaire to learn more about you, your goals and where you are on your journey

  • Creation of a Personalized Blueprint: where to focus your energy, time and money for the next three months, if applicable: high-level product recommendations

  • 30-minute call to review your Personalized Blueprint



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Ask the Insider

Want to learn more about claims and/or general product, ingredient or toxins questions?  In this session, you can ask me your burning questions!

Please note: No plans or detailed product analyses are included in this call.  Consider these my “office hours” to pick my brain and learn more about the topics you are most curious about.



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Detailed Product Analyses

Want to get more specific and find the best low-toxin options for you? Let me break it down for you! My analysis can evaluate your current products, explain the safety or risk and how impactful they are, and help you land on the products you can feel good about. Consider me your personal non-toxic shopper; you give me a budget and I will find you recommended products for your needs.


  • 20-minute call to review Product Submission Form

  • Detailed Product Analysis: includes comprehensive review of all ingredients and materials in products, explanation of any concerns about their impact to human and/or environmental health, and if needed, 2-3 recommended product replacements with rationale for those swaps and discounts on any recommended product replacements when available

  • Ranking all products in an easy-to-understand priority for replacements, if applicable

  • 30-60 minute call to review the final Detailed Product Analysis; recorded if requested

  • Final Detailed Product Analysis report delivered via email

  • Categories covered: Personal Care, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, Home Goods, Cleaning, Kitchenware, Specialty (select clothing, outdoor equipment, pet products)

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Not sure which service to choose?

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Jessica Armstrong, Founder of Peyton’s Potion, Glenwood Springs, CO

I can't express in enough words what a pleasure it was to work with Elizabeth.  Her guidance, wisdom and expertise was spot on and greatly helped our company's success. Every conversation with her leaves you feeling empowered and so grateful to have her in your corner! 

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Business Advisory

Whether you're a large corporation or just starting out,

The Ingredient Insider is here to support you!

Consulting: The Ingredient Insider can help you make informed decisions about the ingredients, product sourcing, claims, packaging, and storytelling for your business.

Materials Review & Creation: Are you a health coach or health professional that is providing toxins or ingredients information to your clients via courses, pamphlets or your website? The Ingredient Insider can review or create content to ensure accuracy in your information.

Making Your Business a Toxin-Free Zone: Partner with The Ingredient Insider to ensure that products and materials that you are using in your physical location are safe for human and environmental health.

Pricing is project-based.

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