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Healthy eating goes beyond our diet. Cookware, bakeware, food storage and appliances all come into contact with the foods we eat and because of this interaction, it is important to understand chemical compounds found around our kitchens and how to use this knowledge to minimize toxic exposure. For example, did you know that heating silicone material can leach toxic chemicals into our otherwise healthy food? Or that using vintage cookware can expose us to heavy metals, like lead and mercury? Or that gas stoves emit toxins like methane and benzene, even when unlit? Additionally, fewer rooms in our homes create more waste and environmental impact than the kitchen, given our cultural focus on single-use products.


Many companies have begun offering solutions to these kitchen-related problems, bringing a barrage of marketing tactics and messaging, some truthful, but much of it greenwashing (which intentionally misleads you into buying the products and thinking they are good for you).  


Elizabeth can help you cut through the clutter of these claims, purchase mindfully, and understand how to safely use your kitchenware products.


Commonly addressed items: cookware, bakeware, food prep and storage, utensils, countertop appliances.

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products that I recommend. I only feature products and brands that I have thoroughly researched and/or use myself so you can shop with confidence.

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