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Water is the elixir of life, but it is also complex. Depending on our water's source, water can carry pollutants, microplastics, microbes, and bacteria. Additionally, chemically-added treatments like fluoride, chlorine or chloramine and the types of plumbing, soldering and fixtures used in our homes can further add to what can be found in our water. All of these variable components determine our water safety and quality, and can impact our health. Learning what is in your specific water supply is a crucial first step in knowing what to filter out. Whether you want to, or have already started using a water filter, conducting a third-party water test is the best way to know the composition of your specific water and ensure that you are using the right filter for your needs.

Elizabeth can help recommend the right test for you, help interpret your results, and find ways to protect your family’s water. 


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If you’re ready to stop wasting your money on filters, let’s first determine what needs to be filtered out of your water! Order your test via my preferred water testing partner, Tap Score. Water testing is complex, nuanced, can be expensive and is an area where consumers can get taken advantage of. Tap Score is fast, within most consumers’ budget, provides information in consumer-friendly language and since they do not sell filters, ensures you have thorough, and unbiased results. They have been highlighted by Wirecutter, NPR, Popular Science, Consumer Reports, The Washington Post and The Guardian and is the most trusted water testing company among experts. Using this link will provide you with a small discount. 

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If you would like step-by-step guidance determining your water filtration needs, book Insider Assistance.

The Insider will work with you to:

  • Gather your town or city's water quality testing report

  • Determine your specific water testing needs

  • Review the water testing analysis

  • Recommend filters based on your results



does not include the purchase of

Tap Score water test or filters

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