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I have made many lifestyle changes within the last few years and thought I was generally keeping my toxin exposures to a minimum. That was until I had some testing done and learned I was still testing very high for a few common (and less common) environmental toxins. I immediately reached out to Elizabeth to figure out what I was missing.

Working with Elizabeth, I learned an incredible amount about hidden sources of toxins. Before our meeting, I was feeling slightly apprehensive that what I’d learn would require me to limit myself too much. Elizabeth made sure that I had the knowledge I needed to make educated decisions without feeling restricted. I’ve been able to make some product swaps as my budget has allowed and I’m looking forward to feeling better as my toxin levels decrease thanks to Elizabeth!

Ellie Hennes, Grafton, WI

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I can't express in enough words what a pleasure it was to work with Elizabeth.  Her guidance, wisdom and expertise was spot on and greatly helped our company's success. Every conversation with her leaves you feeling empowered and so grateful to have her in your corner!  

Jessica Armstrong, Founder of Peyton’s Potion, Glenwood Springs, CO

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With all the greenwashing and false claims out there, it was overwhelming when I began researching how to switch to safer, nontoxic products. Elizabeth has been a priceless resource for navigating how to make the best choices for myself and my family. And she has inspired me to continue educating myself and sharing with others! Eternally grateful.

Kit Proctor, Martinez, CA

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I was blown away by the amount of valuable information I gained from Elizabeth's webinar. The knowledge I received was so extensive that I re-watched the webinar by categories to grasp it fully. I am incredibly grateful for the insights she shared, and it was clear to me that she has a wealth of expertise in this field.


I know I can't change my whole household's habits overnight, but I'm definitely going to take baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle, starting with the kitchen.


After watching Elizabeth's webinar, I had a wake-up call. My asthma got triggered when we cooked for a client with a gas stove that didn't have proper ventilation. It reminded me of something Elizabeth mentioned in her newsletter about the dangers of gas stoves. Now I want to learn more about kitchen safety and share that knowledge with our clients.


I am grateful to have found a trustworthy resource in Elizabeth and her webinar. I plan to continue my education by consulting with her and learning more about safe practices in the kitchen. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your expertise with us.

Yukari Bianchi, Owner of Un’i Personal Chef Services, Aurora, CO

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I feel very lucky to have been connected to Elizabeth through Beautycounter by chance a few years ago. She's not just a consultant, she's become a true friend because she cares deeply about her personal mission and helping others. Her personality, expertise and passion for living a more non-toxic lifestyle are infectious! It's made me look at things that I use and have in my home completely differently. What's different about her approach? It's not an all or nothing, meaning you either ditch every single thing in pursuit of that or not. She makes it feel doable based on your comfort level, goals and lifestyle. As a mom, it's made me feel like I can and am making better decisions to live a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable. Not to mention thinking about all of the time she's saved me doing my own research to find all of these things. I don't know what I'd do without her!

Evelyn Manning, Morrison, CO

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If you want to gain a better understanding of everything that goes into the products you're using and how it can impact your personal and environmental health, look no further than The Ingredient Insider. 

Tyler Thompson, Founder of The Environmental Solutions Store, Atlanta, GA

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I remember being impressed by Elizabeth’s knowledge since the very first time I listened to her webinar. She’s a wealth of information and my person to reach to when I need advice on low toxic living for me, my kids, or my dog. Most recently, I had the pleasure to work with her helping small companies to improve their products. Elizabeth has the ability of making people’s lives less toxic while respecting each one’s budget and opinions. She’s a delight to work with!

Leticia Socal, Sr. Manager, Plastics & Recycling at ClimeCo, Atlanta, GA

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Elizabeth has been a tremendous help throughout the years. I’ve sought her expert advice on a variety topics, including safer alternatives to personal care products. Being a first time mom, I wanted to ensure my baby used the best/safest products that I’d be applying to his bare skin. I love Beautycounter’s Balm For All because it’s not riddled with ingredients you can’t pronounce, and it does an awesome job on raw/rashy skin that deserves a little extra TLC (think drool rash/diaper rash). I’m grateful to have someone I trust, that will support and guide me in choosing safer products for my family 😊

Maressa Bonanno, Hanson, MA 

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Elizabeth always helps me find just what I need, from wine to skincare to make up! She makes recommendations that fit my needs and are the most health and eco-conscious! I always appreciate her guidance. My favorite product that she helped me find is the Beautycounter Sugarbuff Body Polish!

Kristen Sandine, Arvada, CO

Kristen Sandine
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